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          Construction Wonders has been in the business of building custom homes in Coronado for over a decade. Their work ranges from extensive remodels to high end customized homes. In a small community where reputation is key, they are proud to say that all of their work to date has been by word of mouth. They pride themselves on their unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship, honesty, integrity and transparency. Jake and Kathleen work together to bring a unique perspective of functional beauty where no detail, no matter how small, is over looked.

          They understand that all budgets are not created equal, from a design perspective, there are many creative ways to achieve the beautiful home of your dreams while never straying from exceptionally high standard of quality. Construction Wonders’ employees and subcontractors are highly creative craftsmen who are without a doubt some of the best in the industry. As a team, they build homes that are built to exceed all expectations and last for generations.

          Construction Wonders works with the homeowner from the beginning, often involved in the planning and design phase, to ensure that the owner is fully aware and most importantly happy with the end result. Construction Wonders has a completely open book policy. At every step of the way the homeowner has a clear understanding of costs and what to expect.  

          Communication is very important, as the contractor they find it imperative to have open lines of communication with both the architect and the homeowner. Construction Wonders is always available at any time for questions or concerns.  Their goal is to ensure that the process is an enjoyable one where the homeowner has the peace of mind to know that the process of building their home is running smoothly regardless of the level of involvement they choose to have.

          Construction Wonders strives to keep up with the newest materials and building methods always working with the goal of building as green as possible. Together it is the goal of Construction Wonders to build a home that all are proud of and a relationship of mutual respect.  In a small community like Coronado, where everyone shops at the same grocery store, honesty, integrity and quality are of  the utmost importance.

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