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Historic Remodel

If you are looking for the BEST Contractor to build your home or remodel your existing home or Apartment Building, Wonders Construction is the answer.

I hired Jake Wonders, General Contractor of Construction Wonders to build our home on 763 C Ave in Coronado, CA. 

Jake and team did an outstanding job from start to finish. The project was extensive and complex. Construction Wonders delivered a high quality home on time and on budget that exceeded our expectations. It was a delight working with a Contractor that is very responsive, hands on, detail oriented and always looking out for the Customer. Kathleen Wonders (Jake's wife and co-owner of Construction Wonders) helped us with all aspects of the interior design and landscaping. She was also amazing and fun to work with. Given all of the different variables and complexities that are inherent in a huge job like this one I could not think of anyone else I would trust more than Jake Wonders and his Construction Wonders team to manage this project.

P.S. Jake Wonders and team also did a complete remodel and transformation of an apartment building for us recently at 147-155 D Ave. Another fabulous job!!!!

You have made us so happy!!! 

Thank you Jake, Kathleen and your team at Construction Wonders!!
Gretchen and Moe McCoy

Gretchen and Moe McCoy

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